Gingham Cat Dashboard Development specializes in data analysis and dashboard development for businesses. Based in an online virtual format, they collaborate with clients to harness the power of data in addressing various business challenges. The team, led by seasoned data analyst experts, offers tailored solutions to enhance decision-making processes and drive growth. Since its inception in 2023, Gingham Cat Dashboard Development has been a trusted partner for businesses seeking to unlock the potential of their data effectively.

Gingham Cat also believes in giving back to the community. They donate a portion of their profits to non profit cat rescue groups.

Kitten Rescue Los Angeles is a non-profit, volunteer based organization, founded in 1997, devoted to finding loving homes for unwanted, homeless cats and kittens. They rescue cats and kittens from the streets of Los Angeles and from City Shelter euthanasia.

Teranga Ranch is a wildlife education organization that educates Californians about local wildlife and teaches them how to coexist. They also founded the Los Angeles Catio tour.

Susan Austin, Owner and Data Analyst

Photo of Susan Austin, Owner and Data Analyst

Solutions driven business intelligence analyst with eight years of experience working with large data sets. Strong working knowledge of MS Power BI and DAX formulas to create compelling dashboards. Transitioned a career to Data Analytics/Business Intelligence from Project Management. SME with Excel, creating pivot tables, macros, power query, and advance formulas. Conceptualized and managed medical records storage and computer software/hardware upgrade projects.

Areas of expertise: workflow analysis, root cause analysis, project design, business case creation, presentations, and data visualization.